WAM – Corporate Design

Women in Arts and Media

Women in Arts and Media e.V. is an interdisciplinary, industry-spanning network dedicated to gender equality in culture and media. WAM is particularly committed to increasing the representation of women in leadership positions. Exploring questions about the future of the cultural and media landscape in the German-speaking region is at the core of the association's work.

WAM's concept of being a hub and platform is also reflected in its visual identity. Each circle stands independently, and in conjunction with other circles and semicircles, they create synergies and collectives. The vibrant array of shapes and a broad spectrum of colors mirror the diversity of various themes and individuals, which contribute to what WAM is today: a space for professional exchange, cooperative and trustworthy interaction, as well as a resourceful pool of experiences.

Client: WAM – Women in Arts and Media e.V.
Services: Corporate Design, copy, editorial design, implementation, guidelines, postercampaign

In collaboration with Carola Tierling