BRST – Corporate Identity

Menschen. Berlin. Reuter

The Bürgermeister Reuter Foundation offers people in changing life situations a new temporary home. Founded in 1953 by Ernst Reuter in Berlin, the foundation provides its target groups relief, security, and a sense of belonging. Central motifs are solidarity, a helping hand and community.

In collaboration with the foundation's stakeholders, we have embraced these values and translated them into a compelling corporate identity. The future guiding principle of the foundation is to be a pathfinder for individuals coming to or living in Berlin.

The most important fields are accommodation for students, child, youth and family support, as well as day care centers and real estate services. The foundation aims to differentiate itself as a umbrella brand from its individual business areas, while still visually showcasing the connection between these areas.

To ensure that the Bürgermeister Reuter Foundation is genuinely perceived as a pathfinder in the future, a strong and convincing visual identity was necessary. For the development of the design, the motif "the rock" was the basis, which symbolically underlines the idea of the pathfinder and is expressed above all in the powerful word mark. In order to underline the character of the foundation in the visual appearance as well as on a communicative level, we work with a striking, emotional, contemporary and dynamic language that runs through all areas.

Client: Bürgermeister-Reuter Stiftung
Services: Research, brand strategy, brand architecture, corporate identity, communication concept, guidelines, storytelling, copy, corporate and editorial design, implementation, web design

In collaboration with Stephanie Kurz – Strategy Consulting