Showcase Kissinger Campaign 2022

Internationales Klassikmusikfestival

With the change of artistic direction by Alexander Steinbeis at DSO Berlin in 2021, a new era was also ushered in for the visual identity of Kissinger Summer. New thematic focuses and formats aim to make the festival more international and accessible to younger audiences, and these changes are reflected in the revamped corporate design.

The word-image mark remains, in which lines rhythmically interact with the stems of specific letters, contributing to the overall visual appeal. However, the dynamic use of lines will now extend as a design element throughout the entire corporate design, visually capturing the musicality and spirit of experimentation that defines the festival.

The previous color palette of the festival has been replaced with vibrant and spirited hues, enhancing the bold, modern, and dynamic presentation. The new visual approach is louder and more distinct, marking the festival's change in direction.

Client: Bad Kissingen 
Services: Research, corporate design, guidelines, storytelling, editorial design, implementation, webdesign