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WAM – Women in Arts and Media  

Women in Arts and Media is an inter­dis­ci­pli­nary network for gender equality in culture and media that spans across industries and disciplines. Issues concerning the future of culture and media in German-speaking countries form the center of the network's work ... 

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Showcase Initiative Rosi – Campaign

Year after year, thousands of women are diagnosed with cancer and undergo chemotherapy, spending hours, days, weeks, and months of their lives in the chemotherapy ­ambulance. We believe that this time deserves to be time well-lived and so, in collaboration with Charité Berlin, we are redesigning the ambulance and developing offers to transform this treatment time into life time ...

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Showcase FUX Craft Beer

Showcase FUX Craft Beer – Packaging

Craft beer is on every­one’s lips. This par­ticu­lar one, however, requires patience because it is not an ordi­nary com­modity, but a micro-brewery pro­duct made from regional ingre­dients. Put another way, this deli­cious beer, hand-crafted with utmost devo­tion, is well worth a wait ...

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Showcase Bad Kissingen

Showcase Bad Kissingen – Corporate Design

Bad Kissingen is a place which seems to defy the laws of time. Wandering through the lobby, the magnificent archi­tec­ture, and the parks of this town, one feels taken back to the Fin-de-siècle period with its art of idle­ness ...

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