The Small Big City

Traditional and cosmopolitan. Liveable and innovative. A city always in motion, Erlangen has much to offer and is anything but boring. Erlangen is not an anonymous big city, but rather authentic and approachable. Our task was to develop a new place branding that should strengthen the visibility of the Erlangen brand and heighten its presence for employees, citizens and visitors.

The new image builds an authentic bridge between tradition and future. The logo as a central element is a derivation of the logo originally designed by Walter Tafelmaier for the city in 1977. In this revision, the square left out of the figurative mark is placed behind the word mark, clearly pointing to Erlangen as the addressee. At the same time, the toppled word mark forms a bracket with the figurative mark and becomes a communication platform for topics in and around Erlangen. Together with the strong color composition, concise word- and figurative mark and an authentic visual language, the new image for the city makes regional references visible and is also open, approachable and courageous.

Client: City of Erlangen / Pitch 2. Platz von 50 Agenturen
Services: Research, Analysis, Brand Strategy, Brand Architecture, Corporate Identity, Story­telling, Text, Corporate und Editorial Design