Wyn. Beach Hotel Sylt

Sylt in the Heart. In the Heart of Sylt.

‘Wyn’ is Söl'ring, which, in the Frisian dialect spoken on Sylt, means nothing other than wind. The idea behind Wyn is very simple. The aim is to offer a holiday experience that is as free, informal, intense and lively as the wind that shapes the island. And also as pure and unique as the kind of people that this island has bred. All of this and more can be discovered at the Beach Hotel Wyn. Between the hotel and the sea there are only dunes overgrown with oat grass, followed by the endless western beach, where the Eldorado for surfers begins.

In a strategic process led by MüllerValentini, both tonalities and brand values as well as key themes for the Beach Hotel Wyn were created. Based on this, the development of the corporate design and the implementation of the new brand identity in the other areas under the umbrella brand were carried out, such as for the restaurant and spa.

Client: arcona LIVING Betriebs GmbH
Services: Research, Analysis, Brand Strategy, Brand Character, Brand Positioning, Corporate Identity, Communication Concept, Story­telling, Text, Corporate und Editorial Design, Implementation (In Collaboration with Format Design)