Spa, Food und Living

The Fontana is more than a hotel. With a focus on wellness, food and living, it retains a fluid connection as meeting point and retreat in one, creating a uniquely holistic approach. The combi­nation of naturopathy, nutrition and slow living helps the guest to regenerate physically and spiritually. A tried-and-true concept. In individually furnished rooms, a lounge that invites you to linger and exchange ideas and a spa area designed to allow you to just let go, here everyone can find their own personal place of rest and relaxation.

Water, as a symbol of flow, runs as a central element through the entire project communication. First and foremost the name Fontana comes from the Latin, meaning source. In combination with the word mark, which transforms the teardrop shape into the serifs of the lettering, there is a strong reference to the element of water in the overall appearance. Together with the blue and turquoise tones and the hand-painted watercolours in the applied media, imagery is used playfully and flows consistently throughout all media.

Kunde: Fontana GmbH
Services: Concept, Naming, Corporate Design, Storytelling, Implementation