arcona – Corporate Design

Wo die Sehnsucht ankommt

Eight traditional and highly unique establishments, including the legendary Autograph Collection Hotel Elephant Weimar and the Romantik Hotel on the Wartburg: How do these fit under a common brand umbrella that can drive development? Over the course of about a year and a half, we delved deeply into this question with the Rostock-based hotel group arcona and fine-tuned the new positioning for the company.

The conceptual core idea for the future revolves around the notion of authentic encounters as the true and ultimate luxury of our time. This idea materializes in the inspiring offerings and stimulating guest culture of these establishments. It serves as a creative springboard for the brand's communicative and visual presentation, as we explore and play with the theme of connection in diverse ways through design, visual narratives, and stories.

Despite this, each of the eight arcona properties remains a unique entity with its own history, identity, and rootedness in its location. The unifying element is the brand addition "An arcona Place of Longing," which will visibly represent the connection to the overarching brand. This addition derives from the brand's slogan: "Where Longing Finds Its Home."

The corporate design has also undergone a subtle evolution. A new visual language, the modernization of the main brand logo, and the overall design all point toward a fresh and contemporary future for the hotel group. Hovering gently above everything is the new arcona logo, imbued with dynamics by a soaring crane. Airy white spaces, a new font in vibrant red, and the warm grey of the logo emphasize an open and inviting visual aesthetic. In conjunction with the natural visual language, they echo the theme of connection in various ways.

Client: arcona Hotels & Resorts
Services: Analyse, Workshops, Brand Strategy, Brand Character, Brand Positioning, Brand Architecture, Claiming, Corporate Identity, Communication Concept, Guidelines, Storytelling, Text, Corporate und Editorial Design, Implementation, Visual Language

Die Begegnung – mit authentischen Orten und Menschen, mit Natur, Kunst, Kultur und Geschichte – ist der eigentliche Luxus unserer Zeit!