Initiative Rosi

Transform treatment time to life time

Year after year, thousands of women are diagnosed with cancer and undergo chemotherapy, spending hours, days, weeks, and months of their lives in the chemotherapy ­ambulance. We believe that this time deserves to be time well-lived and so, in collaboration with Charité Berlin, we are redesigning the ambulance and developing offers (e.g. lectures, yoga, nutritional advice) to transform this treatment time into life time.

Our initiative arose from personally witnessing the demoralizing quality of the clinically cold and sterile treatment rooms. Initiative Rosi believes that thoughtful, inspiring treatment environments can instead offer women both courage and strength. We are designing a new approach to these spaces that improves well-being and gives patients the opportunity to spend this time in a more fulfilling way.

Our call for donations is broadcast throughout Berlin in a print and digital campaign called "Your mother, your sister, your wife, your heroine ... They can all get (or suffer from) cancer." In addition, we have designed an eye-catching range of promotional items such as bags, giveaways, T-shirts, and flyers in order to raise awareness. Recognition and testimonials from prominent actors, screenwriters, and politicians have also supported the campaign.

Client: Charité Berlin
Services: brand strategy,, Marken­charakter, corporate identity, communication plan, copywriting, corporate and editorial design, 
brand activation, campaign