Kraft im Fluss

Zehe is a civil engineering company with particular strength in road construction, drinking water supply, as well as hydraulic engineering and renaturation, but unfortunately located somewhat off the beaten path, in the structurally weak Rhoen and therefore affected by a shortage of skilled workers in the construction industry. What can one do to attract customers, employees, trained specialists and motivated young people?


Clear answer: professionalize appearance; increase visibility and appeal in the region and on the market; and make clear what distinguishes the company from the competition. Clear case for us. Being down-to-earth, as well as displaying a sense of solidity and strength is central to a successful company in this industry. After all, it's about heavy machinery and literally moving mountains. But, also, to invest in the areas of infrastructure and public services, which must be stable and secure in the long term.


What differentiates Zehe is competence in hydraulic engineering and renaturation, a hot topic in sustainability. In addition to strength, solidity and technical precision, the company also traces dynamics, flow and proximity to living nature. The challenge was to connect both poles organically to each other. We have solved this by creating a concise, emblematic logo: developed from the initial Z, it stands firm and immovable like an anvil. At the same time, its heavy, stable body is articulated by a sweeping, horizontal line that is easily recognizable as a meandering river. Together with the uncompromisingly technical and objective logo in a Grotesque typeface, this is a masculine brand in the best sense of the word, combining strength and mental agility.


Client: ZEHE GmbH 
Services: Research, analysis, workshops, brand strategy, brand character, brand positioning, claim development, corporate identity, communication plan, guidelines, storytelling, web design