EQUA-Stiftung with Universität Siegen

Connecting Values in Family Business

The interdisciplinary research project at the University of Siegen, funded by the EQUA Foundation and entitled Positive Psychology, Values and Socioemotional Wealth in Family Businesses and Entrepreneurial Families, is dedicated to the topic of value dynamics. In research and practice it is often assumed that entrepreneurial families run their businesses in a very special way. The families’ special value characterization is considered a decisive factor for success and failure. So far, however, little is known with regard to where these values arise and the interaction between the individual values of the particular members and the values of the entire entrepreneurial family.

In the development of the corporate design, we present the relationship between company and individual in the form of graphic shapes. The square and the circle symbolize the positions and appear independently in the logo. This clearly defines the roles and emphasizes the function of the individuals and their influence on the malleability of the company. In further media adaptation, the elements employ a playful role; they interact with each other and take on the content of growth and connection.

Client: Universität Siegen 
Services: Research, analysis, brand strategy, corporate identity, corporate and editorial design