Klangteppich – Festival for Music of the Iranian Diaspora

Festival for Music of the Iranian Diaspora

Klangteppich e.V. was founded in 2019 and as a non-profit organization, it promotes knowledge and cultural exchange between Germany and Iran, aiming to increase the visibility of Iranian art and culture. Artists from Iran and the Iranian diaspora have the opportunity to develop collaborative formats with other artists during a residency in Berlin, supported by Klangteppich e. V. These formats are then showcased during the festival through concerts, performances, discussions, and exhibitions.

The festival seamlessly blends tradition and modernity. Concepts of tonality such as loud and soft, radical and gentle, hard and tender are reflected in the design, emphasizing the multifaceted nature of the event. These diverse aspects create a captivating fusion of cultural heritage and contemporary expression, making the festival a unique experience that transports visitors into a multifaceted world of sounds and ideas.

Shapes from the existing festival logo are incorporated, deconstructed, and rearranged to create captivating patterns — similar to the artistic handiwork of a loom. By intentionally working with typography and patterns from right to left and left to right, we mirror the swift back-and-forth motion of the loom shuttle across the weft threads. The vertical gridline pattern pays homage to the loom, while the interplay of these lines forms multilayered images and patterns that represent the depth and complexity of the festival.

Client: Klangteppich e.V.
Services: Concept, design, editorial design, implementation