Showcase FUX Craft Beer

Craft beer is on everyone’s lips. This particular one, however, requires patience because it is not an ordi­nary com­modity, but a micro-brewery product made from regional ingre­dients. Put another way, this deli­cious beer, hand-crafted with utmost devo­tion, is well worth a wait. The brand name is quite straight­for­ward. FUX, a variation on the German word for fox, was the nickname given to the brand founder by his friends and acquain­tances. At the same time, the colour of a fox connects to the dark amber of the beer.

We translated the authen­ticity and character of this lovingly pro­duced beverage into a graphic design with a correspond­ing aesthetic principle. The logo, which is as eye-catching on beer mats and labels as it is in full poster size, relies on a clear-cut expressive­ness that is reminis­cent of advertise­ments or arts posters from the early times of litho­graphy printing. The crafts­man­like design, the litho­graphic style, and the simple visual concept give the brand a unique character against the elaborate flamboyance of con­ven­tional beverages. And the fox, definitely a female in this case, is not out to steal chickens, but the hearts of those who appreciate an authentic beer.

Client: FUX Craft Beer
Services: Research, brand character, brand positioning, corporate identity, communication strategy, corporate and editorial design, implementation, photography, media such as flyers, brochures, posters, brand activation