Showcase Bad Kissingen

Entdecke die Zeit

Bad Kissingen is a place which seems to defy the laws of time. Wandering through the lobby, the magnificent archi­tec­ture, and the parks of this town, one feels taken back to the Fin-de-siècle period with its art of idle­ness. As one enters the spa and relaxes in one of the seven heal­ing springs, the moment blurs into eternity. If one then plunges into the constant scenic beauty of the parks, gar­dens, and natural monu­ments, one feels part of the rhythm of the seasons with their colours, moods, and playful charms.

All that reflects the current longing for a time of deceleration and in­spiration for body, mind, and soul. And yet, these trea­sures had to be care­fully trans­lated into a con­tem­po­rary brand design to bring them into view for younger audien­ces. In a dialogue with all those involved, we accom­plished this through a process of thorough colla­bo­ration. Thanks to a clear focus and a consistent appear­ance, Bad Kissingen is now recogni­zable across all channels as a power­ful brand. But the town did not take on a completely new iden­tity. Gently but lastingly, it revi­tal­ised its potential as a place of culture and health from which it has always drawn. This subtle rejuve­na­tion is now manifest in all facets. It is found in the claim, which expresses deceleration and indivi­dual quality time, in the logo, which echoes both the art-nouveau elements of the “Green Chamber” and the theme of the water feature, and finally in the coulour coding of the calendar, placing each event within the visual temperament of its season.

Client: Bayer. Staatsbad Bad Kissingen GmbH and Town of Bad Kissingen
Services: Research, analysis, workshops, brand strategy, brand character, brand positioning, brand architecture, claim development, corporate identity, communication plan, guidelines, storytelling, copywriting, corporate and editorial design, implementation, photography, brand activation, change management, stakeholder presentations

Winner – German Design Award 2018