Yeong Bin Lee


In her work, Yeongbin Lee explores something both omnipresent and fleeting, but at the same time eludes conscious awareness: ‘audible movements’. Under this title she traces the sounds that generate various movements in urban space. Her work reverses the process: by tracing and mapping the invisible acoustic vestiges of processes that are actually visible but hidden in their complexity, she makes movement patterns recognizable. The viewer enters into these soundscapes in the form of drawings, room- and sound installations.

Since the beginning of 2018, she has been working on the project ‘Staircase’ at the Friedrichstraße Underground Station. This marks the beginning of the city until 2020 in order to publish a noise map of Berlin. She showed the first interim results at the artist exhibition Goldrausch in October 2018. MüllerValentini had the great task of permanently preserving these ephemeral impressions for the eye in the form of an an exhibition catalogue.

Client: Goldrausch Künst­lerinnen­projekt 
Year: 2018
Services: Conception, editorial design