die Hütte

Nature and Enjoyment

Welcome home. Welcome to the cabin.
Enjoyment of nature and effortless hospitality, or cabin vibes for short – that's what sums up die Hütte in the Bernau high valley. All year round and for everyone: for families, sports enthusiasts, hikers, seekers of all kinds, as well as anyone who just wants to have a good time in a relaxed place. Without a dress code or pretension, instead with good food, specialty drinks and a location directly in nature.

The utterly simple (and category-defining) name displays the same idea as the logo; solid, cozy and slightly off the right angle, it conveys a form of comfort far from the imperative of perfection. The unadulterated originality of the place can be found in the visual language as well as in the rudimentary corporate design. The various animal motifs are lovingly made in monochrome woodcut and create an aesthetic which is on par with the zeitgeist and at the same time toys with clichés. In Bernau, rabbits, foxes, owls, pheasants and squirrels all say good night, but not without winking first ;) The message behind it: we are simple, but not simply traditional. Sure, we can be hip, but we prefer unpretentious cabin vibes.

Client: Manuel Valentini
Services: Research, Analysis, Brand Strategy, Brand Character, Brand Workshop, Brand Positioning, Story­telling, Text, Naming, Corporate Design, Implementation, Website