Co* WorkSpaceChiemgau

Welcome Home to the Future of Work

Is the big city the natural habitat of the co-working space? Not necessarily! In fact the Dutch invented the concept as early as the late 80s under the name Smart Spaces, which they located specifically outside the cities and metropolitan areas in order to reduce the volume of urban traffic. Regardless of authorship, what counts is the idea of enabling smart, decentralised work in a liveable environment, while at the same time freeing us from the usual fate of commuters. Co was founded on these principles.

Co is a creativity reactor and productivity lever for players in all sectors and industries. The name Co (Latin prefix: with, together) stands for connection, networking, community, interaction and exchange. The advantages of new, flexible forms of organisation and the fruitful convergence of ideas, perspectives and talents are also reflected in the corporate design.  Through the application of a modular building block system and playful use of colours and concepts, the vibe of the space is seamlessly translated to the visual language.

Client: Co WorkSpaceChiemgau
Services: Naming, Corporate Design, Storytelling, Text and Implementation